A good graphic novel

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I love comics of all shapes and sizes and I love witchy stories, so Coven was a must read for me. The main characters are all queer too, which is a bonus.

I enjoyed this book for what it was, which is a short story about a teenage girl who is forced into a role she never wanted, and a boy who wants his family back. The two work together to achieve each their goals; they'll bring back Ben's family from the dead so Emsy can go back to her normal life in California.

I wish there was more that happens, because as is this book feels a little lacking. World-building details also felt missing and underdeveloped, as if a lot was cut out. I also wasn't fully convinced of Emsy's newfound friendship with Ben and Ash. Like, there wasn't a moment where I though, Well of course she chooses them over her old friends and girlfriend. It just kind of happens, and there's this whole, 'You've changed" scene that felt out of place.

That said, I'd love a sequel to build on what I found missing from this book.