Reads Like a Standalone

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I was unaware after beginning this book that it was a part of a series, and had another book that was directly tied to the main characters, but reading Courtney's War was almost like reading a stand alone. The author provides enough of the character's backgrounds that you do not feel as if you have truly missed anything too important in the other books. It was more or less completely accessible for a reader who had never delved into any of the other works in the series. I buzzed through this one quite quickly.

I enjoyed both of the main lovebirds, especially Saffron Courtney, who exuded strength and confidence. Between her and Gerhard, we get an interesting look at different forms of resistance throughout WW2. I am a sucker for any book set during WW2, as I find the history to be incredibly fascinating, and I think that there was some interesting and more obscure history in this novel that helps it stand out from all the other WW2 love stories. The author kept a fast and exciting pace and held back no punches in terms of the dark history of the war. I found this to be a very interesting and quick read. I'm curious to what the other books in the series are like.