I loved this book!!

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Courtney's war exceeded my expectations!! It takes place during WWII. Saffron Courtney and Gerhard Von Meerbach fall in love. Unfortunately, the Nazis have started their terrible reign. Both Gerhard and Saffron hate the Nazi regime and want to work to destroy it. Unfortunately for Gerhard, his family supports Hitler and he is made to do the same. He hates what he is made to do, and looks for anyway to make things right, whithout drawing attention. During his time he worries about what his beloved Saffron would think about him. Saffron becomes a spy for the British to help stop the Nazis. During her time, all she can think of is her beloved Gerhard and what he is having to endure. Will they ever meet again? Will their live endure the ravages of war? This is a wonderfully well written book that I promise you will not be able to put down.