Interesting idea, if a bit off-putting in its execution

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Reading the book description, I was intrigued by both the time period this story is set in (1939) as well as the unique experiences it sets up for its two main characters. However, reading the first few pages in the First Impression, I was left feeling a bit off-put, especially by the characterization of the female character, Saffron. There a few early missteps that I always struggle with with female characters. The name, for one, doesn't allow me to take her too seriously. And then she was written to "giggle" out her dialogue, always a pet peeve of mine. I'm not sure what this would even sound like in real life, and it immediately undermines the capability of the character. She is later set up as a pretty interesting character, but the early impressions of her still felt weird. The story looked to be going interesting places though, so who knows!