An exciting and fun WWII novel with lovable characters!

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WWII Historical Fiction is tied with Fantasy for my favorite genre/sub genre. I read it just as much, if not more, than anything else. And this one promises to be one of the best! I loved Wilbur Smith's War Cry and I loved what I read here of his new book, Courtney's War. I love that the cover draws you in, letting you know you're in for a dangerous, yet exciting adventure. The two main characters, Saffron and Gerhard won me over right away. Their love for each other is so sweet. I just have to know if and how they make it through the war! And I love that we get to see different sides of Saffron- sweet and giddy and also the tough side that's doing the dangerous work for the war effort! I'm so excited to read the rest of Courtney's War! The cover and synopsis drew me in and the excerpt left me excited and needing more, especially as it ended midsentece!