For the Christian Reader

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With a tagline referring to FAITH OVER FEAR, it is a good bet this is written by a Christian person for Christian readers.

If you're Atheist, Agnostic, or not Christian in your faith - this book simply will not appeal to you.

This is not a NOVEL as in "fiction". This is definitely a "self-help" type read. And, it comes from a former Miss America title holder. What makes this interesting is that at a moment of low self-esteem she questioned God about her losses in certain pageants. That alone is reaching out to girls and women who struggle with self-esteem by showing them anyone can suffer it.

Turner-Bell recounts certain events in her life from miscarriages and other events and relied on faith to push forward. She uses that as a tool to guide others. It also shaped her mindset, personality, and drive forward. She also shows us that our events do not define us - how we handle them does.

Definitely enjoyed this read and didn't even know about her until I won this book.