Courage of faith

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After reading through this book, I truly understand the meaning behind the title. Faith is scary, you cannot grasp it, only believe in it. In fact, it takes a deep understanding of courage to believe in faith.

Sometimes in life, you feel like no one understands you and the struggles you are currently facing. I felt like this for a while, but I forget that we are all humans. NO matter has famous we become or the amount of success we achieve.

Debbye in no way shape of form put up any pretenses of a quick faith to an easy journey of her success. She is truly genuine, humble and feels like a long time friend giving both advice and and telling her story.

I literally got out a pen and highlighter to write in the book as I went along. I love that occasionally on the side, there would be reflective questions to ask of your personal life. I truly cherish this book as a great read to work on yourself, find inspiration and go after your dreams.