Love it!

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Ok, I have always been hooked on J.R Ward's writing and this just continues that! Danny and Anne go through something major together in the very beginning, NOTHING to do with sex, that really shakes up everything. Their jobs are so important and so dangerous that anything can happen and it almost rips them apart before they even get to really be together. Danny and Anne had some history ahead of time, and he was the only one who didn't see her as some kind of "sister" but you cant help but root for them to make it through everything. I got a smirk out of how stubborn Anne is, she doesnt let anyone else direct her, much less her Fire Chief brother, or anyone else for that matter. She is driven by wanting to be like her father was, an amazing Fireman, but she is really so much more than that. And you'll really see what makes her so strong and amazing! She is anything but a damsel in distress.