Librarian vs. Reader: Consumed

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Librarian: Librarians who are looking toward Romance collection development will probably want this one. It's fairly typical for the breed, but JR Ward is an already proven name in the field, and this looks to be another hit. It reads much like any other romance mystery/suspense novel, so fans of the genre shouldn't be disappointed. There is slightly more graphic violent content then many novels of this type (which might turn some people off) and while this book is definitely sexy, it's not particularly erotic feeling (so don't recommend it to those type of readers.
Reader: As I've mentioned in other reviews, I'm not a romance novel type of person. But I do read a lot of them. between my job and my mother's love for the Christian variety of them. Because of that I can say that this book is exactly what it seems to be. A romance novel, with some mystery elements. It is the story of a boy and a girl who love each other, but also don't and how they find their way back to each other. It is comfortable and familiar, and the sort of story that should appeal to fans of the genre.