Burning down the house

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**I received a copy from BookishFirst **

I’ve only read J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series so when I came across this new series, it had a wow effect on me. As with any author, when you see they write another genre, it makes you excited but also skeptical as to if they can pull it off. Especially when their first series is so good, nothing could ever compare. But golly how I was blown away! I can’t stress enough how well the author did it. That deep, aching pain the reader feels inside them this author can cause as you get to know the characters in the first chapter then tragedy hits, she does it in this book. I’m thinking oh no! A repeat of Wellsie and Jane from BDB. But alas, this character makes it. I could feel empathy, great suspense, romance and heartache. And a great mystery. Working a job like fire fighting, one would be on the thin line of being a little bit of a maniac lol. It would take someone like that to do the job. But would one go over that line? This was such an amazing read. One I will read again and again. The author really did her research on fire fighting. The H and h lived the life of a fire fighter. It was their world. And they loved each other. After the tragedy, one that involved the H having to chop off the h hand, they were never the same. I could feel the emotions they went through and see why it would be hard to reach out to one another. After all, the H almost died saving h. Warning: if you read this, don’t start at night because it will get your heart racing and keep you up all night reading. I felt a big adrenaline rush all through the book. The author really does have a gift from God for writing the stories she writes. I cherish every one of them.