Loved, loved, loved!

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This book was EXCELLENT! At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are a lot of characters, and I had to keep looking at the character chart to see where everyone fit in. However, once the book got going, the action never stopped. Clymenestra grows up a free-spirited princess of Sparta. She eventually falls in love with a king, marries him, and has his child. She dreams of moving far away to his palace, where they will live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that is not her fate. Tragedy after tragedy, mostly due to actions of her family, haunt her life. She really cannot catch a break, but she doesn’t submit. She remembers those who wronged her and bides her time. Eventually, after a life she never wanted or planned, she gets her revenge. It’s bittersweet. The losses certainly outweigh the gains.

The book is very well written. The characters are well defined and interesting. However, the book is a bit choppy. There is not a lot of filler. It’s action after action after action. For me, that enhanced the story and kept it moving swiftly. Other readers might feel cheated. If you are a fan of epic stories, with lots of details about landscapes and troop movements, like LTR, you probably want to pass. However, if you want a fast-paced story about a woman who is strong, passionate, and unwilling to bow down to anyone, preorder now. You will not be disappointed.