Fierce female heroine claims her power!

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Wow, what an intense read. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book as a lot of the Greek myth retellings focusing on the female characters tend to highlight and sometimes almost glorify the trauma and pain these women endure. I liked how the author never really breezed over the horrors Clytemnestra endures but it also showed how she continuously moves forward, never forgetting, but planning her next move. This woman is a survivor and has mastered the art of patience as she never, NEVER forgets what has been done to her and certainly gets revenge for it. The familial bonds were nice to explore as well, as it really does shape Clytemnestra's character and how she acts. I felt horrified at the pain she goes through, but I also felt her triumphs when she defends what is hers.

Still, this book was an emotionally heavy read and I had to stop reading and eat some ice cream at one point to make me feel better.