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I have to say for a 18-19 year old Cilka is one brave woman. She went from one extreme to another, doing what she needed to survive.
Even though she was looking out for herself, she thought of others close to her as well. Broke my heart knowing she couldn’t have children. I really hope the end where she leaves Russia is true, it seemed like she had a guardian angel. Cilka was kind of an outcast when things were over, just because of how she survived in Auschwitz. She helped saved lives there as well. I guess when you're not put in that kind of situation you wouldn't know how awful it truly was. You see Cilka in The Tattooist of Auschwitz, a few times and briefly. Like I mentioned she did help save people there as well. However that isn't her story. Her story really just continued from that book to this one and it's really heartbreaking.
Read The Tattooist of Auschwitz before reading this book.