Beauty in the Heartbreak

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This story truly is written through beauty in the heartbreak. Weaving together Cilka's story - as a sweet followup to the story of Lale and Gita from Morris's first read in this trilogy, Cilka's Journey gives readers new hope from a time when hope was the only thing worth holding onto - and worth believing in - and worth fighting for day after day after day.

Just when we think our "struggles" are worth a complaint or an eye roll, readers can place themselves in Cilka's shoes and see that our "struggles" are not capital STRUGGLES. Cilka fights for herself, but she also fights for others even when she herself needs help the most, needs a kind hand to reach out and help, needs a kind voice to break the noise.

Morris paints a beautiful picture of a character's rich life - but more importantly a beautiful picture of a human life who lived and worked and hoped and dreamed.