Intriguing premise

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First of all I'm glad there was an author's note included at the beginning of the excerpt explaining how some of the story is comprised of the author's imagination rather than being 100% factual. I have been hesitant to read the author's other book because I have heard conflicting things as some have argued not everything presented in that book was true. I'm fine with reading loosely based historical fiction books, just as long as I know ahead of time that not everything is based on facts.

This story sounds very fascinating as it appears much of book will take place after the war. I've read many WW2 historical fiction books, and the chance to read something that takes place right after the war for a change sounds appealing. It does sound like the story will be absolutely heartbreaking as the main character has already experienced so much horror during the war, and her life has not gotten any easier. Would definitely be interested in reading more!