Brings an awful piece of history to life

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Lately, I've been snapping up anything on WWII at the library and booksales. Cilka is brought to life in this story as someone that you could actually be, who is analytical and seems very smart for her.own good. She keeps track of events in in rapid fire succession and easy to keep track of in her story of the war. Except now instead of now, griefinf as a victim of war, she and the others must pay for what their captors did to them, because they are being accused of aiding the Nazis, now they are being sent from Auschwitz/Birkenau and heading for Siberia. Oh my damn. Now the reader experiences what life is like in the camp but now it's on the train to Siberia. And she drops in and out of memories of the war years.

Love to find out where her journey takes her, hopefully there's a silver lining in there somewhere!!