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More Frame Then Art

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Thank you to BookishFirst and the publisher for providing me a copy to review.

I had such high hopes for this book. Haze is such a fun, engaging character and I can clearly see why everyone who read her column loved her. My issue came with the frame narrative that surrounded the Haze's story, it felt like I was looking at a piece of art where the frame instead of providing a perspective for the center art, became art it's self and clashed with the piece.

I found Susan's story to be overbearing and uninteresting. The tone of her voice was off and it threw me out of the story. More importantly, I didn't care about her as a character. I completely understand why Landvik used this frame narrative approach as there are few ways to tell a story about someone in a coma. I could have just skipped the parts with Susan but I feel like that is missing parts of the story and not the way the author intended me to read the book.