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I felt like there was a lot of potential in Haze's initial column post at the beginning of the novel. And although I love the concept of her colleagues reposting her old columns as way to kind of unravel who this eccentric 81-year-old is, I felt the beginning of this raveling was a little muddled. So many characters are introduced and nothing is provided to distinguish them from one another. There's a series of names tossed around and then they just become reoccurring characters but we don't know much about them other than what is stated in a non-descriptive sentence or two. It does not help that the posts also do something similar immediately after, although in those instances it makes more sense.

Also, I just don't find the succeeding posts by Haze to be very interesting. The initial one was beautifully insightful. It spoke about preconceptions of age while also giving us insight into Haze and her mindset. I can only hope that the rest of the posts in the book follow suit.

Finally, the cover is beautiful. It's a little messy and beautiful and if it's meant to be a portrayal of Haze's character, I think it's done very well. It's also very eye catching.