What not for me.

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A quick view: A hybrid of the worst possible FMC, pop culture references forced down your throat and clichés.

I felt like the characters did not seem authentic and the author was going down a check list for Gen Z stereotypes without ever speaking or meeting someone actually in that age group.

I’m also suprised that this book is considered to be YA (personally I think some of the inner monologues, general conversation and themes across the board lean into the New Adult.

As far as the romance in the book, that felt stale and non existent. When there was hints of romance on the horizon, I feel like the author killed it with the dialogue. With an enemies to lovers theme; I would not classify this book as either.

Lastly please don’t get me started on the nonstop reference to their size difference. We get it, he’s huge and your tiny. The readers did not need to be reminded on every page.