Sweet Victory for Chess

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What a fun and emotional journey set within the world of chess. Mallory is the daughter of chess royalty but after chess ruins her family she quits playing at a very young age and wants nothing to do with it. Instead as the oldest daughter, she works dead-end jobs to keep her family afloat and puts her wants and dreams on hold for the sake of her family. When her friend recruits her to play in a charity tournament she beats the number one player in the world, Nolan Sawyer aka the current hunk of chess, easily!

Nolan won't stop bugging her to play him again and Mallory's victory starts to open new doors with cash prizes that she desperately needs to help her family. Nolan can't seem to stay away from her either and she finds herself drawn to him and his stiff demeanor.

Filled with strategy, of chess and young love, this story keeps you entertained and wanting to read on to see if this new queen of chess can actually go all the way and win against the King.

Did I know anything about chess going into this book? Not at all. Did I learn to play like a grandmaster after reading this book? Still no, but it gives you an appreciation for the game and the competitive world it is set in.

The story between the two is a slow burn and sweet. Filled with angst with her family, friends and a bitter chess rival, this story has you rooting for Nolan and Mallory the whole time.