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I read an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but thoughts and opinions are my own. I think this should be marketed as New Adult (even though I know that isn't a marketing category necessarily...) rather than YA as the characters are/are over 18 and there are definitely some more mature references throughout which might surprise readers who are expecting YA aimed younger. However, in classic Ali Hazelwood style, the writing is completely consumable--I couldn't put the story down! I always enjoy stories that have unique competitions/sports featured, and definitely liked the depictions of competitive chess--they read very much like a sports novel's description of an action packed game. I thought Nolan had a little more development than some of Hazelwood's other male leads, and I liked the ways that Mal's sisters where characterized--interesting enough to be enjoyable to read about and unique but not overtaking the story focus. I would recommend to mature high schoolers and up.