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♟️💟 Book Review ♟️💟

Check & Mate
By Ali Hazelwood
Contemporary Romance

💟 My Thoughts:

Soooo, Hazelwood has been an autobuy author for me ever since her first novel came out. Most of her reads have been a solid 4 stars for me. That makes this one being a five star read even more exciting. Plus, it is my first five star of 2024.

Check & Mate has some of my favorite tropes. Grumpy meets Sunshine, forced proximity, and witty banter. The sexual tension in this one was also a hot tamale! I loved the friend group and the romance. Our main characters, Mallory and Nolan, were absolutely to die for. I loved how vulnerable both characters were about mental health and complications that come with difficult family relationships. There was also some great LGBTQI representation and sex positivity throughout this novel.

Another big topic that was explored was Women in Chess. Hazelwood did a deep dive into the discrimination that female chess players often face. They are criticized, ridiculed, mocked, & often sexually harassed by their male competitors. It is so bad that female players often stick to leagues of their own.

Overall, this was such a fantastic read. It left my heart happy, and I'm excited to discuss it with my book club next month. Cheers until next time!