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Check and Mate

Mallory was born with the knack for playing chess, taking after her father who was a grand master before his death.

Just a few years after she swears to never pick up another chess piece, Mallory is dragged to a local competition by her best friend Easton. What she doesn't expect is to win against the world's top player.

For a YA book, I adored this. It was fun and light hearted and even though it had that teenage drama of do I or dont I and cant make a decision, I still enjoyed the characters. Well, besides Mallory's family. Their excuses for how they treated and relied Mallory for years at the end were bs. She did way to much for her family to receive the treatment she did from her sisters. The sorry wasn't enough. The "well you let us walk all over you" Oh, that made me so upset. And the fact that the mother was suddenly well enough but didn't let her know or thank her.. gah that was a little upsetting... but, family I guess.