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Going into this book I thought that I loved Ali Hazlewood but after reading this book I love her so much more. This is probably my favorite books of hers yet. I thought I might miss the spice, but nope, didn’t end up missing it at all (though yeah, I would have loved it if it was there) because the angst was top notch and made up for it. I absolutely loved Mallory in this book. I get where she came from trying to protect her family and in the meantime, she forgot about herself. I do think that Nolan left a little to be desired, but this book was more about Mallory for me. This was a fantastic debut YA novel, and you can tell that Ali has been writing a while. I do think that this is for the older age range of the YA spectrum though. Her books continue to shine and will continue to be top reads for me. I don’t think that I would have necessarily picked this one up had it been written by anyone else, and I am so grateful that I gave it a chance.

If you are looking for wonderful opposites attract, he fell first romance then check this one out.