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Ali Hazelwood always knocks it out of the park, but my goodness, her first foray in to YA was such a huge hit with me! I was a little nervous going in to this book that the role chess played in the plot would keep me from enjoying it - I know absolutely nothing about chess! But it didn't matter one bit, and I actually really enjoyed learning about the game. Mallory and Nolan's back stories with their families were heartbreaking, and I really enjoyed seeing the character growth both are two main characters went through. The romance in this one was top tier as well! These two are so perfect for one another, and you can't help but root for them to figure it out as quickly as possible.

As a high school librarian, I have already ordered several copies of this book for the library. I know it is going to be a big hit amongst my romance reader fans, and I'm looking forward to discussing it with them!