Love love loved this book!

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I devoured Check & Mate in a day. It was so good. Everything was there—the plot, the suspense, the character development, the romance. I really liked every character in the story, even the secondary characters, which is really rare for me. The story was fun because there are not many romances about chess, so the new topic was exciting and engaging. While it definitely gave off young adult vibes, it still felt like a more mature young adult book. I found myself smiling and laughing out loud while reading, and when I finished the book, I just felt happy—the way you hope to feel when you read a romance! I wish this was a series so there were more books to read, but I'll have to settle for making this book one of my yearly re-reads. We need more feel good books like this in the world.

This book was a must buy and cemented Ali Hazelwood as a must read and must buy author. Amazing!