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This was my first book by Ali Hazelwood and it definitely will not be my last. I loved loved loved this book. The love interest was well-rounded and written well, to the point where it didn't feel like the love interests were too into each other, but they flirted with each other enough to keep me as the reader interested.

The family dynamics in this book with our main character was fun to watch, as it's almost certain that each person has experienced the moodiness of siblings before so it's easy to relate to. Furthermore, the later trip for the chess tournament and seeing the kids and our main character's best friend show up, was so cute to read.

Lastly, I am absolutely adorable when an author gives us a little life update on our characters, especially when it's a romance. One of the things that kept me from reading romance books in the past, was wondering whether or not our two characters stayed together after the book's end.