I'm Intrigued

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I'm intrigued to get to know Malory more and find out more about her home life. I'm not sure I'm the biggest fan of the chess aspect, but the way it is written does have me a bit hooked.

I want to know more about how Malory knows Nolan and how their relationship gets started.

I want to know if she takes this fellowship and if so what will her sisters and mom do for money and chores if she's not around as much.

Is there going to be hold back from her mom to not support this dream?

I like the Young Adult writing style, it is very quick and easy to read. It's holding my attention and talking about chess (something I don't necessarily have an interest in) without boring me.

I will add that although I know this is modern times I really don't like reading about tik tok or social media and I think that could've been left out. I know texting in books is normal, but social media references are unnecessary to the plot.