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Everything in this book was a move to make. It definitely had its name spot on check mate. It was nit my cup of tea but it was a cute ,sweet story that involved chess. Chess you have to be very very Precise on where you make your next move in order to win the long game and this book was definitely working in the same case.
Mallory said she was done at chess but like every good romance the MC always says there done but something always happens for them to go back the square one.
The obsession the MMC had with the MFC was alil strange but I was here for it all of the way. Just playing one more game, just for fun for a friend and end up finding your mate.
I enjoyed the base of this story and the characters were well written. I definitely would recommend this book. I am finding to like this authors style the more and more I read her written works.
With that being said, if you haven't read any of her books I would go read them