Heartbreaking and Heartwarming- Outstanding Story

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This book drew me into the world of 18-year-old Mallory immediately. Just as in real life, there are so many different conflicts for young adults. Unfortunately, Mallory has the added weight of an ailing mother who feels guilty about the negative impact her health will have on Mallory's life. So Mallory keeps up the charade of not being interested in going to college. It's not often that the preview pages are enough for me to know that I absolutely want to read a book, but CHECK & MATE is one of those exceptions. It is easy to see that there is a love-hate relationship with the handsome young guy who is not only a chess champion but is being talked about in social media circles as a reigning young sex symbol. I like the fact that Mallory is intelligent and thoughtful while realistically maintaining concerns for her future and fighting emotions that could cloud her clear thinking.