Check and Miss

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This is Ali Hazelwood's first young adult novel. I've been hit or miss with Ali's previous books and novellas, so I didn't really have high hopes for this one. Let's face it, if you set expectations low, you can always be surprised when it's good!

I had to continue to remind myself that this was a young adult book. The only things that really seemed "young adult" in this books was the fact that the main female and male main characters were in fact young adults. Along with that was the fact that some of the dialogue was juvenile. The main characters had to deal with A LOT of adult things that would be overwhelming even for an older adult.

The amount of sex talk from the main character, Mallory, was a bit shocking. She's supposed to be 18 years old and she talks about all the sex she's had. I would expect that from an adult romance, but it seemed a bit much for a young adult book.

Overall, I give it three and a half stars. Ali's books still remain to be hit or miss for me. But I will admit, she does write some incredibly "swoon-worthy" male characters.