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I have never read anything by this author even though they are very popular and I love romance stories. Let me clarify I love real romances. I am not into these over dramatic cutesy romances that have recently been coming out. I would love a new real romance that doesn't feel like it is a teen book pretending to be for adults. The story started out interesting but the actual action took so long to get there. At first I was interested but then it moved so slowly with so much unnecessary information that I literally skipped down and then when I skipped down it seemed like more junk so I stopped reading. The characters seem fake. They are the idea of people rather than people. I really dislike that in books and it annoys me even more in romances. Romances are already looked down on and we don't need anyone getting more reasons to insult those of us who love romances. Romance is beautiful but people see it as unimportant and it annoys me.