A Good YA Debut

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I really liked this one! I've enjoyed all of Hazelwood's books so I wasn't surprised when I enjoyed this one too. A great YA debut (even though the characters were actually new adult age).

Hazelwood knows how to write funny books and this was no different. The dialogue, the descriptions, all of it made me laugh out loud multiple times. I especially liked the interactions between the siblings. This was the first time we really got sibling interactions in one of Hazelwood's books so that was fun.

I ended up really loving the chess more than I thought I would. There were enough explanations to make me feel like I knew what was happening and enough tension to make this feel like a sports romance.

Nolan Sawyer was way too dreamy for his own good. He said what he thought. Acted on what he wanted. I mean, come on. The only unfortunate part was that we didn't see much of him in the first half of the book.

My only real gripe, and honestly, this is my gripe with all of Hazelwood's books, she doesn't ever write the last chapter swoony enough. I'm always left a little let down. They never really tell each other that they love each other even though it's implied.

Overall, I did really like this YA debut. It's definitely upper YA so it's more enjoyable probably by adults. I'm excited to see what other YAs she writes.

Disclaimer: I voluntarily read and reviewed a gifted and advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.