Very good

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This is my first read by Cassandra Clare!
It was a great story, very detailed. By looking at other reviews. I need to read other books that pertain to this one.
Very action packed, filled with drama. Very long read!!
I didn't like Grace from the start!
James needs some mental cleaning
Will and Tessa are sweet
The fights they were in were very detailed, some families seemed to feel more entailed than others. I understand these are the children from previous books and that I need to read about the parents. You do see them in this book. Knowing their background might have helped understand a few things for me. Cordelia really showed who she was and what she wanted to do besides getting marries. In the time era that is what happens, woman get married and start a family. Not in these books! They do get married however they can be demon hunters too!

Now I'm off the look for the other books.