Pretty good!

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I've read a lot of Cassandra Clare's books and this was definitely one of the good ones. It's around the daughters and sons of the characters from the infernal devices, I'll admit it was a bit weird when James was talking about how great his father Will is.

But after a while, I just love the reoccurrence of the old characters, especially Will, Tessa, Jem, and Jessamine. I really liked the main character, Cordelia, from Cassandra Clare's main characters I would say that she is my second favorite. She reminds me a tad bit of myself, and she's honestly such a nice girl. James is alright, Matthew is honestly just better. And Lucie is great, I like her as well.

The plot was pretty interesting, very much along the same lines as Clare's usual plots. I admit that some parts were really boring, especially towards the middle of the book, I was not feeling it. But it got much better! The romance is great, the representation is also very good. I liked the Persian representation and the multiple LGBT representations. I'm very intrigued to see how Alastair's and Thomas's relationship will go. James and Cordelia are pretty interesting as well, and I'm not exactly sure what is going on with Matthew.

He's very mysterious, I'm excited to see how he'll end up. I don't have typically any strong feelings about any of the characters, or this book. But it's good, there's nothing bad about it, except the occasional boring parts. The plot with the Princes of hell is pretty interesting. Could be better. Also, the sword, Cortana, is one I would definitely like to learn more about. And James and Lucie's powers are actually pretty interesting. I love the whole concept of ghosts, so Lucie's story was definitely a big plus for me. Overall a good read, not one of Clare's best books, but not the worst.

I have some hopes, so we'll see how that goes. Excited for the next one!