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this books. i do not even have the words. will and tessa were always my favorites and i have loved watching their story continue. this has everything. and early 1900s romance, demons and lovable characters. this book also offers a different perspective on lgbtq characters in the shadow hunter world and also in the 1900s. when i finished this book i had to force my friend to read it immediately so i could have someone to talk to about it. i have read it twice.
i have enjoyed most of cassandra clares books, the infernal devices being my favorite, but this one took me through just about every emotion i can go through. it was one of those books that i wish the whole series was out already because having the wait in between books has been so hard. this book along with a few other was the one that got me out of a really long reading slump which is part of why i have so much love for it.