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How in the world can Cassie Clare invent ways to break hearts ? I loved everything about this book, I loved the solid plot, the 1900’s London setup,seeing the good ol kids, the quotes and the characters.There are so many references to TID that at times I felt the author was drawing too much from her earlier characters from TID,So I would not recommend picking this up if you haven’t read them.I also happened to read TID right before this book and I think I had enjoyed a notch more because of the fresh memory.

Cordelia Carstairs with Cartona will be my idol worship from now on, dang girl she know how to write some badass women characters. I was holding up good until that last extra chapter- Will,Jem and Tess stuff! Common is it absolutely necessary to make us sob in the very end??😭

*****(MILD SPOILER? I don’t know!)*****
PS- I don’t know about you but I really wanted to punch Grace- what’s you deal young lady🤦🏻‍♀️