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I wasn't quite ready for this series. I had bought both thr first and second books, only to set them on my shelves to collect dust. I am so happy a friend pushed me towards this series. This is such a fun take on some of my all time favorite characters from the Infernal Devices. This book followed the lives of their children, and was written so beautifully.

One thing I didn't quite like was there were so many characters. I felt like I almost had to write up a family tree in order to try and remember each character, and who their parents were, etc.

Even though there were so many characters, I will give it to Clare on how beautifully she wrote them all. She was able to infuse personality into each one which gave the book a step above most series I have read recently. Cordelia is quite possibly one of my all time favorite book characters to date. She is very loveable.

Hands down, 5 stars.