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I absolutely LOVE Cassie Clare. The Shadowhunter universe basically inspired my love for reading. I can't believe I'm saying this, but The Last Hours (TLH) are definitely shaping up to be my favorite series, and I've read all the other series. First of all, we have the fabulous characters from The Infernal Devices (TID), including my favorite character, Magnus Bane. I adored seeing how Tessa and Will and all the other characters from TID grew up. But also, James Herondale is probably my new favorite love interest. I also think the twist with Grace is interesting, and also very frustrating. It adds a certain level of suspense that I really enjoyed. One of my biggest problems with TID was that I didn't like the "villain" aka the clockwork machines. The conflict was a little boring to me, but I did love the characters. In TLH, I think the conflict is much more interesting, and we get to see the characters from TID, so it's like the best of both world. I also adore Cordelia, and think she's such a strong character. The scene in the Whispering Room was gorgeous, and I absolutely cannot wait to see James and Cordelia's relationship progress.