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Chain of Gold is the newest instalment in The Shadowhunter Chronicles, and we follow mainly Lucie & James Herondale. As well as Cordelia Carstairs who just arrives in London to try to fix their family’s reputation after her father is arrested. Suddenly, new demon attack starts and the young shadowhunters who has otherwise grown up in relatively safeness need to find their bravery.

I love all the characters in this book so much! We have already met them in the other short stories before, but being with them in a whole book had my heart soaring. Cassandra Clare manages to make a new and original shadowhunter book, even though she has written many books in the same universe, with twists and turns that we still don’t see coming. I think this is fantastic and amazing skill and the books just keeps getting better and better. The diversity in this was done well, and the different representations we go made my heart so happy. I wish we had time to delve into more of the plot and the even more character moments, but this is just the first book in the trilogy so more is to come! I’m so thankful I got an arc of this and ended up giving the book 4.5/5 stars. I need the sequel yesterday.