I love the Shadowhunter books and it keeps getting better

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January 9, 2022
Infernal devices Spoiler Alert!!!
I have been reading Shadowhunter books for the last 10 years and our society has changed a lot, therefore literature has needed to reflect this. Harry Potter in the 90s did not reflect a homogenisation of society and personality types because society did not reflect or understand it fully. Now it has come to light as readers speak up that they want not to read about the male protagonist who is a white, heteronormative underdog. We want to see characters that reflect us and the lives we need and the Shadowhunters series is reflecting this building to show the LGBTQ+ lifestyle in characters, breaking down the orientalist which is use a lot in literature. From reading City of Bones to this book finally the characters are reflective of our society even when it is set in the Edwardian era.
The characters have a great depth to them, daring and hedonistic as always. Though at parts it seems that the children are just like their parents.
Though Tessa and Will are so hypocrites when they tell off their son, James, for squandering a lady’s reputation when that is actually what they did and Magnus even walked in on them