I have feelings!

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I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS!!! I distinctly remember now why I don't read Cassandra Clare books before they are all out. I promised myself after TMI series that I would not do it anymore. She ALWAYS leaves books in such a way that you NEED the next one, to be right there next to you ready to be picked up and opened as soon as you finish the book. Chain of Gold is no different from every other CC book in this way.

I had issues getting in to this book at first, but by page 100 I was invested. I do not recall every having such strong murderish emotions towards a character before. If you thought that by knowing who ends up with who (because of the family tree in TID last book), it would be easier, YOU THOUGHT WRONG. It was almost painful reading at times, because you know the hurt certain individuals actions will cause other certain individuals. AGAIN PAINFUL!

I have so many thoughts about the twists and turns in this book, but I will not spoil anything. Just know that you are in for a bumpy ride.