Clare never fails

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I've never read a Cassandra Clare book that I haven’t loved and this is no different. Ive been a fan since the first shadow hunter book was written. The characters in this book were so unbelievably interesting and have their own individuality. The romance in this book had me blushing like a teenager. The merry thieves made it all the more enjoyable to read with how much of a family they were like. Clare perfectly balances the plot with the characters and their relationships without one ever overshadowing the other. I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time while reading this book and that made me love it even more!! Seeing the infernal devices characters again with their children made my heart burst with love. The poetic writing was so beautiful and even the cliffhanger ending left me in awe. Any fans of fantasy, romance, Y/A, this is the book for you.