Cassandra Clare Has Done it Again!

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What a wonderful way to start a new series in the Shadowhunters universe. I absolutely adored this book.

I will say, however, that if you didn't read Ghosts of the Shadow Market, this book could be incredibly confusing. The introduction of some new characters was handled in GotSM, letting Chain of Gold skip right to the plot.

I love these characters with my whole heart. They are all innocent idiots, of whom I cannot get enough of. James, Matthew, Cordelia, Lucie, Christopher, Thomas, Alastair, and Anna all are well written and formed, each their own individual person. I loved to see all their complex relationships with each other, and how they grew and changed as the story progressed.

This really expanded the world of Shadowhunters as well! I found myself intrigued at how the Shadowhunters world adapted to new technology, how they lived in London society. It answered a lot of the unasked questions I had about how Shadowhunters interacted with history. It also deepened the storylines and family lines I've grown to love, and I was constantly going, "ohhhh, that's why that's a thing in the modern day series!"

The romance was an absolute mess, and I was absolutely dying with each page. Why does Cassandra Clare create such complicated messes with romance tied in?? I love and hate it so much, and this time she has really outdone herself. I had to pull out a journal to keep track of it all!

If you are a fan of the Shadowhunters world, then this is the book for you. It is so much fun and kept me always wondering what would happen next. When I wasn't reading it, I found myself lost in thought of it. Well done, Cassandra Clare. Truly, well done.