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As always, unique and memorable characters!

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“There is no better distraction in this world than losing oneself in books for awhile.” -Cassandra Clare, Chain of Gold

While I was reading the latest Shadowhunter novel, a pandemic spread across the world, and for the first time in my lifetime, I truly felt like I was living in a fantasy novel. Especially when the characters in the book were under quarantine and suddenly we were being told to practice social distancing. I'm not sure I can recall another time when fiction mirrored reality so much for me.

But on to my review of the book! Thankfully before I started CoG, I read every short story and novella that included the characters leading up to CoG. I even reread The Infernal Devices. (Here's my Chain of Gold TBR! So, when I started CoG I knew the characters and a bit of their back story. It was so nice to return to the Shadowhunter world, but instead of Victorian London, this time we get to experience Edwardian London. The Infernal Devices will always be my favorite Shadowhunter series, and The Last Hours, which focuses on their offspring, will probably become my second favorite.

For me, Cassandra Clare's books are about the characters more than anything. She creates such a unique and memorable cast, and she's done it again with CoG. I'm still not sure which ones are my favorites. It usually takes the second book to cement them for me. But, Cordelia was such a pleasant surprise. She was exceptionally brave, confident, and her fearlessness even surprised herself. Every time I think Clare will not be able to create another completely different and special character, she does it again. Now the long wait begins.