Amazing in Every Way But One

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I have always loved Cassandra Clare’s books and Chain of Gold is no different. This book is the first in a new series following the children of the characters in the Infernal Devices Trilogy. Going into this book I was very hesitant due to the fact that I had loved Infernal Devices and was worried Chain of Gold would not live up to the high standard. However, it blew me away. This book is a good blend of new characters and old ones to keep some familiar faces around. I became attached to the new cast of characters very quickly and was along for the ride. It is impressive how over 15 books later and Cassandra Clare is still coming up with new and interesting plots. She is also very good at avoiding plot holes that affect her other books. My only criticism is the very light love triangle as it is very obvious who is going to end up with who and has gotten repetitive over the years as it is present in almost all of her books.