Absolutely loved!

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I absolutely loved this book! Cassandra Clare never disappoints.

The new cast of characters introduced here was such a delight; I really enjoyed getting to know the children of all the well-loved characters from The Infernal Devices. Cordelia, James, Lucie, and Matthew were such strong main characters, both internally and externally. Cassandra Clare's writing style is, as always, so engaging and compelling, and while the plot wasn't anything mindblowing or revolutionary, it was really enjoyable all the same and so fitting for this world and this time and these characters. I found myself completely invested in the personal-life drama of these characters, and I loved all of their complexities, as well as the balance between action and mystery and wholesome moments. Everything came together so perfectly, and the ending promised a very exciting (and heartbreaking) plot that I look forward to reading in the next book!