Tuscan sun vibes

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I wanted this book because the movie Under the Tuscan Sun was one of the romance movies my mama like to rewatch over and over. The Cover caught my eye and reminded me of how beautiful that movie had been. This book is basically that movie because it's another story of love. Contrary to what the book describes as finding love in Italy being as unlikely, I think now after seeing that movie and reading this book that I should go ahead and book a trip to Italy..

This is also a book for the wine lovers of coarse since the love interest is a wine maker. Plus the author makes you feel like you are actually in italy drinking the wine since it is set in the real Casalvento. So after I fly over to Japan in 2024 I'll have to book it to Italy so i can sip on some wine and such. Finding love will be a bonus but definitely not necessary. I am good with just a wine of course!