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I was happy to win a copy of Casalvento: House of the Wind on Bookishfirst and I had an okay time reading it. This review is long over due and I feel better late than never. It was a fun journey and I truly felt like I was there. But like how things are, the story was a bit predictable. Girl has everything going for her and then something happens and now she is inheriting a place in Italy. Erika was a fun character though, you can see and feel what she is going through. Everything else was eh but I did finish the book. The book itself is something I know I would not seek out which is why I was happy to win it. And because it is not my style of book I am not going to hound it in the ground. Was it a great book? No. Was it a bad book? No. It reminded me of those silly little chick flick movies and personally those are movies I do not like. So yeah that makes it a bit harder for me to like but like I said it is not the worst thing out there and honestly if you love hallmark or cheesy roms you will like this book.