It was an enjoyable change of pace

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This book surprised me as it is not a genre I typically read. I really enjoyed the story because it was intriguing and kept me guessing about what might happen next. It wasn't thrilling, for the most part. It's very much a drama/romance. It was quite descriptive throughout, so much that it felt like you were right there with them standing on the beach of Cape May. The characters were mostly well-done, though there were a few times I thought they seemed like the specific traits were lost. The pace was pretty slow for me, but that's really the only thing I didn't enjoy. I thought it was refreshing that the story was from Henry's point of view instead of any of the women. Henry and Effie were on their honeymoon when they met one of Effie's old friends. Everything picks up after they met Clara and Max, though there were still a few slower parts. Overall, I thought it was good.